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Pizza Hut’s customer satisfaction has increased through LINE notification messages, and orders via LINE have tripled

投稿日:March 30, 2023 更新日:

We want to make home delivery pizza more accessible.

Pizza Hut, which was founded in Kansas, USA in 1958 and operates home delivery pizza businesses in over 100 countries worldwide, entered Japan in the 1970s and currently has more than 490 domestic stores as of August 2022.

What Pizza Hut Japan places emphasis on in its marketing activities is careful communication with users. They aim to increase usage frequency and sales by building relationships with users through email newsletters, an official app, and various social media channels, and have been strengthening touchpoints with users. Shigekane, an executive at Pizza Hut Japan, explains the reason for this as follows:

“In Japan, when it comes to home delivery pizza, many people tend to order it on special occasions like birthdays or celebrations, what we call “ハレの日”, ‘special days.’ In contrast, we aim to make home delivery pizza more familiar and something people use casually for small treats or gatherings in their daily lives. When someone thinks, ‘Should we get home delivery today?’ we want to be the first thing that comes to mind. That’s why we’ve emphasized increasing touchpoints with customers and increasing opportunities for communication.


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